What is This SEO?


 Any search engine such as Google is a tool to help a user to retrieve lists of services, products, and information resulting from their entered search. If your site gets to the top of search engine results, research shows that it will receive many more views than others lower in the list. The technique of web marketing known as (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to reach the best search engine position. Keeping ahead of your competitors is a continual goal in these tough times, SEO helps you achieve this by improving your rankings.

Most people use the internet as part of everyday life for one reason or another and this makes search engines extremely influential. If growth, expansion, and profits are what your business needs then search engine optimization can help by gaining you a much wider consumer/client base. Because the web can reach a global market in some ways, in many ways search engine optimization can be much more effective than TV, and print. The relatively low cost of SEO makes it accessible to a variety of businesses that normally could not even access traditional advertising methods.

Search engines are designed to give you a list of relevant web pages based on your search entry. There are differences in the way the search engines operate which means that entering the same search query into different engines produces somewhat different results. Search engines use algorithms to work out the relevance of a site and place importance on a variety of different factors. Occasionally, search engines will update their algorithms. This is designed to deliver faster and more effective results to their users and to follow new online trends such as social media and video usage. Whilst search engine algorithms change from time to time, the basic way in which they rank a website stays essentially constant and they always aim to provide results that will provide users with the most interesting and relevant experience based on their search term.


The software referred to as spiders or robots are used by search engines to search page content, crawling through website links from one page to the next. The content is returned to the search engines for processing. The content they find is indexed according to the search engine algorithm. It is stored in databases in preparation to be served as a search result. When a search is carried out by a user, the search engine quickly checks its database for the internet content that is the most relevant and then retrieves and serves it as a list of results.

Within SEO, part of the role of the search engine optimizer is to identify which search terms are the ones most commonly used by those with an interest in the services or products that a particular website provides. Once the most relevant keywords have been established, they can be placed in the most important positions on the pages of your website. Your search engine ranking can be significantly increased with this method.


For obtaining optimum search engine ranking, links pointing to a website are vital You could compare an inbound link to a vote or recommendation. There is a huge amount of importance placed on the amount and quality of these links. A large amount of links indicates to the search engines that a site is of good quality. This along with several other elements can assist to increase a site’s ranking.

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