Link building by blogging – an effective and powerful strategy

Link building by blogging

 Social media is the ‘in-thing’ for some in digital marketing. Yes, it has its place but any strategy built around social media has to be well crafted, well thought out and engage the target audience. Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to mention a few examples will definitely generate traffic to a website. But by far the most powerful tool in a search engine marketing strategy and one which will generate quality traffic is blogging.

Onsite blogging

Every commercial website should have an onsite dedicated blog. Ideally it should be updated daily. However, if it is updated once a week it will still have the relevant effect. Google search algorithms recognise updated and new content on a website. In its own right an onsite blog will help contribute in generating a higher site and/or page ranking. However, an onsite blog will offer your visitors something to read. If it is interesting, informative and offers them an insight into the products and services on offer, it is a great selling tool and also encourages then to search further on your website to see what it is all about.

Link building by blogging

Offsite blogging

Offsite blogging can be self generated and posted on an external blog site; there are hundreds of thousands of them, many of which are genre specific. A guest blogging service which is offered by a digital marketing company or agency has a team of writers and other professionals tasked with creating and publishing such content. However the offsite blog content is generated, offsite blog entries will immediately begin generating targeted traffic to a website. Offsite blogging or ‘guesting’ as it is sometimes referred to is an excellent and extremely efficient method of inbound link building.

Link building

Link building (quality, relevant and authoritative) is essential to driving traffic to a website. Without inbound links, the only way anyone might find a particular site might be by accident. The last thing you want to do is leave your site to be found by accident. Chances are it won’t happen.

On the other hand, if you are link building are you using the right keywords and search terms? Do you have time to research them and deploy them contextually, along with the links? Do you have the time to research which blog sites and forums your written blog entries should be posted on for best effect? There is far more to effecting a successful outreach or guest blog posting strategy than merely writing and posting. It has to be carefully researched. If, like most website owners and webmasters, time to you is of a premium then a digital marketing agency is your best bet.


Proven results

A guest blog posting is a proven method of delivering targeted, quality traffic to a website. If you’re not a website designer you probably leave your website design to a professional. The same should be true of your offsite content and blogging strategy.

The internet is a big place; if you don’t know your way around it you can end up getting well and truly lost.

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