How to Offer Successful Website Indexing Services

Website Indexing Services

 Your job as a web host doesn’t end after a customer signs a contract and chooses one of your hosting packages. The customers or the webmasters are very much aware about the importance of web page indexing in this overall process of website management. So, as a host it becomes your job to be able to offer the best of indexing services at affordable prices. After all, only after a website and its pages are indexed with search engines like Google people will be able to locate the website on Internet.

As a web host you should be concentrating on answering two important questions pertaining to website indexing. Answering these questions will ensure that your client’s website is visited for regularly and he or she is reaping the benefits in same proportion.

The two questions or two important elements of website indexing are:

  • How the web pages get indexed

  • Are all the inner pages of a website indexed

  • How can website owners know if their websites are indexed

There is always a time delay between a website getting upgraded and a search engine indexing it. The time delay can be anything from few seconds to few days.

The factors that affect this time delay are mentioned below. These are also the areas you should work on as a web host.

Website’s Structure: It is very important to pay special attention to the layout and design of the website and you should take care of this at the time of designing each and every web page. Subpages play a big role in getting a website indexed. Make sure you create a simple sitemap for all the websites of your client with links pointing to each of the inner pages and a return link pointing to the home page. Search engine bots follow a certain crawling process in order to index all the pages of a website and this sitemap makes things easier for them.
Incoming Links: Google weighs the power of inlinks in a very peculiar and confusing way. The safest thing to do is getting give sufficient link juice to the home page as well as a good bunch of inner pages. The higher the page rank of a web page, the chances are more that it will get indexed quickly. If you are participating in kink exchange, make sure the inlinks to your website are coming from a credible domain. An inlink from a bad or black listed domain can have catastrophic effect on the websites of your clients.
Remove Session IDs: As a web host who also offers site indexing services you should understand that Google bots only get confused with those session IDs. They often consider it as two URLs with duplicate content, which could lead negative effects on the process of web page indexing.
Proper Usage of Robots.txt files: It is important to use the robot.txt files at the right locations. This helps the search engine bots know what pages they should be crawling and what pages they shouldn’t.

Website Indexing Services

The process of indexing should be handled with care consistently, which would result in quicker indexing of web pages of your clients. The time delay between the updating of a web page and indexing by search engine continues to get lesser as and when the credibility of a website in the eyes of the search engines goes on increasing.

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